It's all about the little things

Some snaps … Vancouver life lately

Looking back

Looking back in time I smile,

I am surrounded by so many memories and moments that i hold so close to my heart,

That make me feel the emotions of times spent with friends, with myself, with nature.

I cherish these and hold them close by me.

Some shots from life in Vancouver.

Some photos of life from recently … Chicago - Douglas Coupland exhibit - Deep Cove

Recently went to Puerto Vallarta for one of my best friend’s weddings. A few shots of such a wonderful week.

A few shots from a recent trip to San Francisco.  Such a cool city with so many twists and turns to explore and really enjoyed walking through and getting lost along the way.

A few shots of my life recently … I forget sometimes of the beauty around me. But then when I venture out and stop to look around I am remembered of this ….. truly blessed.

I’ve been so busy in life that I haven’t taken photos for a while.  It was just so lovely to get out for a few days recently to capture some moments of life, with friends, in the sun, having fun ….

I need to remember the freedom it gives me.

Remember these teachings, remember the clear light, the pure bright shining white light of your own nature. It is deathless.

—The Tibetan Book of the Dead

Recent Christmas trip back to London. It was such a lovely time of family and friends and good times :) Of course time flies by too quickly and I’m already back across the seas! Till next time ….